Visualising Data


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Fascinating overview of how data visualisation can be done. Very much liked the information on scripting things like colour choice.

A fascinating insight into how alternative presentations of the same data can help or hinder communication of facts and ideas. Especially nice to be reminded how flexible SVG can be when scripted!

Anonymous at 11:00 on 16 Apr 2012

Enjoyable and full of useful/usable information. Slickest talk of the day.

This was my favourite talk of the event, it was refreshing to see a less code heavy talk that drew on new ideas and really interesting methods and tips for displaying data. Fantastic stuff :)

My favourite talk by a long way, and one that I'll remember. I love statistics and colours so I was interested in the topic before the talk even began. Brian is clearly an experienced and engaging speaker and he had some really good points to make and stories to tell. Thanks!