WPDay is an event for all developers working on themes and plugins. Goals of this event are to show best practices and high level case studies.

Friday 13th November 2015

09:55 Introduction to WP REST API
Talk by Simone D'Amico in Track 1 (30 minutes)

Introduction to WP REST API

10:40 Come guadagnare con un tema WordPress
Talk by Federico Pian in Track 1 (45 minutes)

Come guadagnare con un tema WordPress

11:30 WordPress Hardening v4
Talk by ShadowDroid in Track 1 (30 minutes)

WordPress Hardening v4

12:05 Wordpress as a framework
Talk by Paolo in Track 1 (45 minutes)

Wordpress as a framework

14:15 TDD in WP
Talk by Luca Tumedei in Track 1 (45 minutes)


15:05 WPO: Wordpress Performance Optimization
Talk by Andrea Cardinali in Track 1 (45 minutes)

WPO: Wordpress Performance Optimization

16:05 Professional WordPress Workflow
Talk by Maurizio Pelizzone in Track 1 (30 minutes)

Professional WordPress Workflow

16:40 Wordpress in the Cloud
Talk by Andrea Morandini in Track 1 (45 minutes)

Wordpress in the Cloud