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Anonymous at 10:48 on 29 Aug 2014

I was able to "Debug" some PHP code as per your webinar .... PROBLEM happened when I tried to debug the Server PHP code for a CCM project. I have searched web ... found "Remote Debug" etc. ... but still not got Debug working for Server side of CCM. Suggest you might mention some helpful info in another webinar.
Thanx for all the info.

Hi All,

For the ones who asked for it, you can watch the webinar about the new features of Zend Studio 11 here:

http://www.zend.com/en/webinars/recorded/show/1853_introducing zend studio 11


Anonymous at 14:41 on 28 Aug 2014

Hi all,

Thanks for the great feedback. It's hard to please everybody. Because there was a significant number of new users of Zend Studio in attendance, we decided to split the time between usability features for new users and new features for existing customers. I like Robert's suggestion to conduct in the future more targeted webinars for new users and for upgraders.

I think there was clear differentiation with other IDEs. At least we attempted to without having to mention any other IDE by name ;-) I won't mention them all, but being based on Eclipse is a key differentiator with many other IDEs, having a dedicated training is also important for many developers, the tight integration with the leading Cloud platforms, the support for API building, mobile development, and many more.

As for the questions, we took note of all of them and will follow up with responses.

Thanks again for the great feedback. Michel

Anonymous at 06:13 on 28 Aug 2014

I stuck to the end too, but really, 1 hour overtime was too much. Features common to all IDEs like code completion do not need so much attention. It would have been better to focus on what's different in Zend Studio compared to the other IDEs out there.

Was going to ask if there is a discount for ZCEs to upgrade their perpetual license to version 11 and if Zend Studio for Windows can replace the need of XCode and a Mac for iOS development but was not answered due to the time.

Anonymous at 05:17 on 28 Aug 2014

Lots of passion, but needs a little more focus. No need to spend anytime on older features. Dive right into the new stuff! I'm a firm believer that time commitments should be kept. If it's 2 hours you should stick to 2 hours, though I was one who stuck around till the very end.

I think, that there was too much focus on legacy items (code completion and preferences) than on the new features.
More than 1½ hour mostly spent on code completion, and initial setup - Great features, but they have been there forever, and this is version 11.
Of course if you are new to Zend Studio it would have been of great value, but I attended to see what version 11 will give me.
So in the end the Apigility, Mobility and PHP Documentor subjects were rushed, and the creation of packages ended up failing, but there was no time to find out why.
I would like to see a session with the subjects covered in the last hour+ - Those are the great innovations that will sell the new version.

That being said, I'll still thank Julien for providing the talk!
A colleague has mentioned, that a previous talk was more in depth with some of these new items, so I'll try to watch it as well.

My recommendation for the next release and its talks is to split them into "New to Zend Studio" and "Current users, what will you love in the new version"

Anonymous at 02:22 on 28 Aug 2014

I learned quite a few things. Studio 11 is a powerfull tool. But powerfull is in most cases not too easy to handle. The sound quality of the main speaker was not as good as of the other speakers. Timeline exceeded so I've not seen the end.

Anonymous at 01:10 on 28 Aug 2014

Good talk, learned lots, but unfortunately I missed from php documentor onwards as the 2 hours was exceeded and I had other commitments. I think the time was lost when the speaker started talking for a while about Zend Server.

C'était un peu long. Par ailleurs, poser une question n'a servi à rien puisque je n'ai pas eu de réponse.

Ce n'était pas inintéressant, mais franchement, il faut arrêter de prendre les gens pour des buses. Je suis un utilisateur de Zend Studio depuis plus de 10 ans. J'ai commencé de mémoire avec la version 3. La meilleure que vous ayez jamais produite était la 5.5. Depuis, il y a eu le passage sous Éclipse et une double courbe s'est alors dessinée : la courbe de la quantité de fonctionnalité s'affiche à la hausse, celle de la qualité va très exactement dans le sens inverse.

Je me souviens que lors du passage sous Eclipse, quelqu'un chez Zend m'avait dit « Nous continuerons à supporter ZDE 5.5 tant qu'il y aura des utilisateurs » mais ça n'a jamais été mis en oeuvre, la version Stand Alone deu ZDE a été purement et simplement abandonnée.
J'ai du passer à la version Eclipse il y a deux ans en devant changer un ordinateur et le système d'exploitation qui allait avec parce que ZDE 5.5 ne peut pas fonctionner sous Windows 7. J'ai perdu du même coup un certain nombre de fonctionnalités utiles que je n'ai jamais pu remettre en oeuvre avec cette version Eclipse.
Ajourd'hui, chaque nouvelle version nous apporte des amélioration pas obligatoirement très heureuses et malheureusement, on ne sais pas forcément comment désactiver ces prétendues améliorations.

Julien nous a fait hier soir une démonstration de click-bouton : vous vous adressez à des développeurs ou à des bricoleurs du dimanche ?
En résumé, je suis plot déçu et avec les années, je ne peux pas dire que ça aille en s'arrangeant, je vais finir par me décider un jour à lâcher définitivement l'environnement de développement Zend pour me tourner vers une solution alternative : il en existe de gratuites tout à fait efficaces, si je perds en confort au fil du temps avec le ZDE, je vois de moins en moins de raison de continuer à payer.