Technical Debt


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Very good, great job on letting the discussions and debate go on. very dynamic, you should have presenteda t the end of the day.

Best talk of the conference so far. Very relevant and people obviously had a lot to say. I also really enjoyed your no-BS presentation style.

one word - awesome!

awesome and fun talk. Not enough S's :)

full room, next time ask for more space!

Elizabeth is the next Terry Chay. :p Good talk, good arguments mid-talk.

Awesome talk! Loved the debate on whether to scrap a project or not. Very thought provoking.

would it be possible if i can get a copy of the slideshow?

Great talk, stuff every developer should think about. Audience interaction was inspiring

Very informative. These are practical things must organizations and development teams ignore. Good job.

Amazing job at driving the discussion on technical debt. Truly informative and as a project manager, really happy to see someone approach it in a collaborative manner. Looking forward to hearing other talks in the future.

Best talk of the conference. I can't think of anything else to say. Great overview of the different types of technical debt and how to mitigate it. Elizabeth is a great speaker.

Very practical and informative. Elizabeth is a great speaker; very animated and entertaining.

Great content.. and as noted during the session, I've experienced this one myself in the dotProject/web2project battle.