ZF2 Tutorial Part 1: Building a ZF2 Application


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Anonymous at 16:15 on 22 Oct 2012

Very great overview of ZF2. Thank you for your contributions!

Anonymous at 16:15 on 22 Oct 2012

Great talk! Learned a lot..thank you

Outstanding tutorial. ZF2 looks great and I can't wait to really get to dive in and start using it. With the amount of time I've spent doing stuff in ZF1 that makes way more sense in ZF2 I feel like part of my life could have been better spent waiting on ZF2.

Great talk/tutorial

Anonymous at 16:16 on 22 Oct 2012

I thought there was a lot of good information in the talk, however one thing that was mentioned a few times was ZF1 and comparisons to that. I never used ZF1 and while I thought the speakers were excellent I wish it has stood on it's own completely rather than having some dependance on the previous version.

Anonymous at 16:18 on 22 Oct 2012

Glad it wasn't a step-by-step "type this into your editor" session. This format actually made us think.

Great tutorial.

Anonymous at 16:18 on 22 Oct 2012

Great tutorial. Enjoyed learning about ZF2/

Excellent excellent talk!! Both Evan and Rob have done a great job of doing an overview of ZF2 and getting me excited about it.

The only thing I would suggest is that perhaps next time have users setup their example sites before they arrive. Some attendees had troubles setting up their vhosts, etc. and got left behind a bit.

Anonymous at 16:21 on 22 Oct 2012

It's a lot of information to cover at one time. But your presentation went through them pretty well. More people could have done the tutorials had the requirements (Apache, MySQL, etc.) were disclosed ahead of time. That would have been very helpful. By the time I had downloaded my IDE, the session was over.

Anonymous at 16:21 on 22 Oct 2012

Great Talk

Excellent talk, really exited about ZF2 now :)

Only bad thing is the AC which can't decide if it's gonna be 10°C or 40°C.

Like it, but the Events part still confusing to me , I'll take the session tomorrow for the refresh

Fantastic talk - everything's much clearer now, thanks!

Anonymous at 03:50 on 23 Oct 2012

Great tutorial. As a newcomer to ZF2 I found this two-part tutorial to be very informative. Covered quite a bit of content in under a day, so I'll definitely be referring back to the slides, which were also well-done. Though I don't typically like to start with broken examples, it did force me to dig into the code rather than simply watch it work. I would have liked to build the example from scratch rather than tweak a few lines here and there, but understand that the time constraints could not allow for such in-depth examples.

Great tutorial, sample apps on which to work were very good. Thanks!

Rob / Evan -- I enjoyed the part 1 tutorial. While I certainly didn't walk out with a firm grasp on the framework (I did not attend part 2), it did give me a good overview in terms of where to start.

The following comment pertains to the tutorial format in general:

A few people have pointed out that it would have been helpful to know development environment requirements for tutorial completion ahead of time. I mentioned this exact thing on my evaluation card.

The current tutorial flow looked something like this:
1) Pass out thumb drives
2) Copy code to machine
3) Set up vhost
4) Set up database
5) Curse because something isn't configured correctly

How great would it be if tutorial participants were instructed to click on a link (much like the elephant-hunt-snapshot) that created a my.phpcloud snapshot for the specific tutorial? Certainly some details to work out there but I think the cloud has tremendous potential for stream-lining the ZendCon tutorial format. I'm curious to hear feedback on implementing something like this.


Good talk. You guys went through the different pieces of the puzzle pretty well. One thing that I'm not really sure that was covered very well was how to actually create an app with Zend Framework. At the end of the talk I'm not sure everyone knew how to create a module to get their new app actually working.

Anonymous at 19:56 on 24 Oct 2012

Great talk -- loved the interactive samples, too!

Great talk -- loved the interactive samples, too!

Well done guys, the presentation along with the focused examples was really well thought out and confidently delivered. Thanks.

Anonymous at 21:01 on 27 Oct 2012

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