ZF2 Tutorial Part 2 Creating Re-usable Modules for Zend Framework 2


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Anonymous at 16:15 on 22 Oct 2012

The sessions were very interesting. It is a lot to digest coming from ZF 1.X. But I found it very informative.

Outstanding tutorial. ZF2 looks great and I can't wait to really get to dive in and start using it. With the amount of time I've spent doing stuff in ZF1 that makes way more sense in ZF2 I feel like part of my life could have been better spent waiting on ZF2.

Great talk/tutorial

Anonymous at 16:17 on 22 Oct 2012

I thought there was a lot of good information in the talk, however one thing that was mentioned a few times was ZF1 and comparisons to that. I never used ZF1 and while I thought the speakers were excellent I wish it has stood on it's own completely rather than having some dependance on the previous version.

Great tutorial.

Glad it wasn't a step-by-step "type this into your editor" session. This format actually made us think.

Excellent talk, really exited about ZF2 now :)

Anonymous at 16:19 on 22 Oct 2012

Good job. Learned a lot

The talk was very informative and the speakers both are very knowledgeable. It wasn't really tailored at all towards beginners and as a result, I had a hard time keeping up. Another issue that plagued a few people around me (myself included) was that setting up the tutorial exercises. As a result of having difficulty setting up and given no time to do so, we missed the beginning of the talk and had to play catchup. Overall, great and entertaining talk, but I had a hard time following due to my beginner-ness with ZF and the problems I had setting up the examples. Thanks.

Anonymous at 16:22 on 22 Oct 2012

I like how you walk us trough, very easy going.

Anonymous at 16:24 on 22 Oct 2012

I would have rather learned more about the router, module and other components of the system than going into the forms and such. But given the subject, it was well done. It's always harder to present after lunch.

Enjoyed learning about the reasons behind the design changes of ZendForm, and the differences in the Zend TableGateway and ZfcBase DbMapper. Great talk!

Thanks for the tutorial, the new ZF2 Form is a real Blast! I'll probably say goodbye to headaches.

Finally understood the concept of Modules in ZF2 - really gives place to better reusability :)

Anonymous at 19:32 on 22 Oct 2012

Great event, guys!

Anonymous at 03:51 on 23 Oct 2012

+1 for modules. Thanks mucho!