JavaScript Communication APIs


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Decent talk that covered some communication abilities that I was unaware JavaScript was capable of.

A plethora of great information! I'd love to get a link to a download of resources built during the presentation.

Nice talk ... Is it possible to have the slides?

Anonymous at 10:22 on 8 Oct 2013
Here are the slides!

fixed the link to the slides. Thanks!

Very good information and presented well. Christian speaks a bit fast at times, but he's covering a lot of information

Anonymous at 12:17 on 8 Oct 2013

Good presentation. Instead of a PDF, perhaps upload it on Speaker Deck?

Great presentation! Great energy and brings the perfect amount of humor throughout the presentation. Christian does a great job at explaining and demoing many different concepts and makes it easy to understand!

Good talk about a few APIs available

Covers the complexities with easy clear examples, lot of various moving parts to keep all in order. Thanks! Having the slides very helpful.

Covers everything you need to know about two way talking with your servers.

Good talk to give a push for further research. Brief overview of the possible communication methods, their pros and cons. This definitely helps.

The talk was missing issues with authorization and cookies (Access-Control-Allow-Credentials header, p3p policies in IE) and it was quite fast, so different terms were not explained, making the target audience feel lost at some points (e.g. long polling is not thing a frontend developer hears often). But those are just minor notes.

The talk was definitely a success - giving a knowledge and ground for further research. Will be of help to people, who are going to implement inter-JS-communication, will serve as a valuable starting step.

I always love seeing whatever Christian has to present, because I love his high-wire live code technique. Great presenter. Nice overview of techniques, even if you do end up choosing something like poly-fill all the implementation headaches in the end :-)