LEVEL UP! Migrating your ZF1 app to ZF2


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good presentation! thank you.

Anonymous at 10:15 on 8 Oct 2013

Thanks so much!

Really excellent talk. Thank you very much. It will help with a lot of migrations I need to do.

Having already started working on converting my applications from ZF1 to ZF2, I was hoping for more information about the nitty gritty details that I encountered that caused things to fail. These were barely mentioned. But I did learn about some other interesting things as to why certain changes were made between ZF1 and ZF2. So, thank you.

Great talk. Gary covered about as much as you could possibly ask for in a one hour talk, for what could easily be a full day workshop. Having a real example up on GitHub for attendees to reference for specific details was a very nice addition!

a lot to cover, but Gary was great and hit a lot of the common changes that will be coming our way

Good talk, but may have been too much to pack into an hour.

I've been anticipating with some dread the prospect of doing a ZF1->ZF2 migration. The talk really helped with some of the main worries I was having. I'll definitely be checking out the code samples for even more guidance.

very valuable information, great presenter

Great walk through of converting and explaining the enhancements for going from ZF1 to ZF2, core object by core object. A nice introduction and teaser for the event manager and service locator.

I think the most valuable thing in this talk is the fact that he posted an actual working app in its two incarnations: zf1, and zf2. Very detailed indeed.

Awesome job. I now have a much better understanding of just how much work I have waiting for me back home. It will be worth it in the end.

Good set of tips what to focus on while doing the migration.

Great presentation. Gave me hope for some migrations I have to do.

real great talk and thanks again for the blog posts which helped me understand the transition in the first place^^