Object-Oriented JavaScript (yes, it really exists)


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Speaker seemed extremely knowledgable and provided a wealth of good information on basic oop in JavaScript.

Amazingly great, covers OOP JS very clearly. I learned about oop js at work from coworkers, however this gave a foundational understanding in the clearest possible way, that clarified a lot for me. Superbly prepared slides, web accessible too. A really great presentation!

Anonymous at 15:11 on 8 Oct 2013

Best session so far for me


Extremely talented presenter who clearly knows JS inside and out.

"What is the prototype for Object?"

"There is no prototype for Object."
"It's has to end somewhere, if it didn't we would be in Inception and we would all die."


One of the best talks at zendcon.

Amazing talk! Best presentation of the day! Very upbeat personality and great ability to breakdown complex JS concepts.

Wow, just wow. So much win in so little time. There's a reason why the room was PACKED.

Any way to get the slides in a PDF?

Anonymous at 20:58 on 8 Oct 2013

This was the best presentation I've seen at Zencon. He was completely prepared with his material, knew it inside and out, not a single apology for something not working as it should or for missing slides. His presentation should be a model for the rest of the presenters.

Good and very clear presentation - I've never seen an easier explanation on how the prototypes and "new" work.

Of course, people, who didn't now it before, will definitely need to re-study slides. This became obvious starting from the "inheritance" phase. But going through this several times, and implementing OOP on your own will help much to understand the concepts and see all the hidden tricks with OOP via prototypes.

The topic is interesting for a developer, because implementing the paradigm is quite challenging task. But whoever completes it - gets a great reward of a very good knowledge of Javascript abilities.

Still questionable, whether it is needed to make OOP in JS language, which uses prototypal approach. It is like making Pascal-style programming in C++ - possible, but that's not what was designed to happen.

For anyone, willing to have OOP in JS - good talk and good presenter. And I like the newer approach of speakers to create slides directly in web - instant access rocks.

@Beshoy: Sorry, no option to export as PDF yet. That said, you can feel free to pass around the link to the slides, they will be up permanently (or as much as that is possible :) ).


(And thank you to all who have rated the talk or given me feedback in person, it is much appreciated!)

Finally after 14 years of first jscript... ugh... and then all of the versions of ECMA Script. I now understand better how prototypes work.

Thanks for the great level of detail and easy-to-understand examples of what seemed like complex concepts.

Anonymous at 12:12 on 9 Oct 2013

Fantastic talk! Presenter was great at explaining difficult concepts. I felt it went a little fast at times, especially when there was a full screen of code up, but overall wonderful session. Looking forward to chewing on the slides some more till I really grok this stuff.

Anonymous at 13:01 on 9 Oct 2013

Great talk. He explained the way JS implements key OO concepts, and did so with amazing clarity.

Great presentation!

After this talk, I feel like I finally grok JavaScript objects. The information was excellent. As a speaker, Jordan has a great rapport with the audience—great delivery and style.

Excellent talk, really informative. I was definitely doing JS oop wrong before. Excellent presentation style.

Excellent talk, was a great learning experience.