UA testing with Selenium and PHPUnit


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Great use of screen capture for examples! Maybe went through hooking up hub a little quickly

Great introduction into using Selenium with PHPUnit, looking forward to getting this setup as soon as possible. Only potential feedback was from the back of the room it was difficult to see the options you were entering into boxes of the selenium plugin.

Thanks so much!

Quick, precise, very up to the point presentation to get you kick-started with PHPUnit-ran selenium tests.

Thanks, Michelangelo!

Excited to get this started at work. Great topic.

Nice introduction to the capabilities if Selenium

Anonymous at 13:55 on 9 Oct 2013

Nice talk, interesting subject. Good demos. I just wish he'd gone into more detail on setting up a hub and nodes using Grid. The talk ended pretty early so there was definitely time.

Would like to have seen more detail on "The Grid" Overall good presentation

Loved this talk, it was nice to see Selenium in action and get a good introduction on automating its tests.

Anonymous at 14:45 on 9 Oct 2013

Outdated material. Should talk about more using selenium 2.0 webdriver and headless implementation.

Good grasp of the subject, very practical session. Well prepared screencasts.

Everything got covered, quick and easy enough to teach this to our QA guy..

Very useful to see exactly how to set Selenium up, first as a single node, then as multiple nodes.

This gave a lot of good information that I can begin using (or testing out) right away in my current position. A really good talk with useful information. Winning.