REST API's: The Essential things I wish Someone had Told Me


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Thanks Ryan. You kept my attention throughout the whole presentation.

I disagree with the verb usage in the /programmers/5/sleep example, but other than that a good overview that would save many developers headaches when implementing a REST-ish API.

Anonymous at 17:06 on 29 Oct 2014

Great talk, very informative thanks.

very good talk, clear and focused, good code examples

Well laid out, very practical, easily understood. Good mix of code examples with discussion.

Very informative. Will be helpful as I begin to create more and more REST API,s

Great talk. Informative; very helpful to have REST defined in simple English, and to differentiate clearly the differences between the various verbs.

Great talk, great overview, great point of view.

Anonymous at 17:20 on 29 Oct 2014

Anonymous at 17:24 on 29 Oct 2014

Best talk of the day probably!

Great presentation! Lot of energy and very informative.

Excellent. AAA presenter, AAA material.

Ryan is an outstanding presenter. Who else puts on a tie to give a talk? Great job simplifying and highlighting the important parts of building an API while at the same time emphasizing which parts we can put less focus on.