Tuning Nginx and PHP-FPM... The Right Way


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Great content with all the configs provided on GitHub

Very very glad I chose to attend this talk, WOW! Can't wait to implement some of these tips.

Useful tips and interesting perspectives.
Enthusiastic presentation.

Another great talk from Evan! Thanks!

Very informative session Evan, spot on on little details and well presented. But can I trust your blog now? Just a joke :)

Very informative. Yet, I'd skip the part on session storage as a side topic, and provide even more information on deriving proper values of configuration variables.

Very interesting - lots of tricks that will be implemented. Good speaker too. Well done.

Great presentation, I came away with some things I want to start doing!

Bang on! Meat and potatoes of building highly-scalable, reddit-hug-proofed web clusters for PHP apps. Years of Evan's experience optimizing huge real-world systems distilled down to 45 minutes of rules and best practices - pure gold! Thank you!