Why You Can't Test


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This was a great talk, It has really motivated me to try to get shit in order at work and change things for the better.

Awesome presentation and presentation skills. No one can fall asleep in here. Material was good; however, as a relatively new programmer some more practical examples demonstrations would be helpful. The part where you said, "When I take on a ticket, I write the test first then work on the code until it passes.". Great story... how about showing us what that looks like? Did you create the test? Did the test already exist? How do you do that? Again, you motivate me to want to do it but I need help to get started. I know time is limited and I suppose most here have more experience than me. In any case, thank you, informative and fucking entertaining! (enjoyed the profanity :-) I will check out the books from your "shameless plug".

Great, inspiring talk. I didn't expect to see how to write tests, because this presentation wasn't about it.

Great job explaining why testing is important, not just how to do it.

This was a good talk that earned me a few retweets and such by sending out quotes. And there were loads. Very enjoyable. Thank you.

immensely entertaining, and I learned a few things too. now, if I could just start testing...I think I'm still stuck on #7 "motivation" :-)

Anonymous at 17:53 on 29 Oct 2014

Great talk with a great attitude. Really opened my eyes to the impact of testing and bringing back that philosophy to my gaming studio.

Philip Sharp at 19:15 on 29 Oct 2014

Good roadmap for the obstacles you have to overcome to work testing into your process.

Favorite talk of the day. Super engaging. Awesome humor. You can tell Chris is an expert in this field. This presentation combined with the presentations on DI have helped me to realize that this whole testing shit is possible. See what I did there?

One of the best sessions so far for me. Great presentation that keeps your attention all the way through. Original, but it works very well. And the content was also top notch. I was certainly inspired to lower my wtf/min ;-)

Great presentation! Great Speaker.

Hey everyone, Chris here. Just thought I would address a question from Jim Pope

- yes, some examples of how to do the "write the test, run the test, write the code, run the test" would be good...but that is not the focus of this talk. On my website (http://grumpy-learning.com) there are some videos that show you how to actually do that. Sadly they are not free, but if you get the concepts you can make back the money for the videos in your first hour of freelance work. ;)

Great strategies for defeating the inertia of being a non or low testing developer. Very inspiring and passionate speaker.

Great talk, very entertaining. I feel like there were a lot of good strategies discussed and I liked the approach of looking at the 7 obstacles that keep us from automating tests.