Building tools people love to use


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Clint Priest at 12:27 on 19 Oct 2016

Good talk but could have used more cohesion, more descriptive slides.

Colin O'Dell at 19:04 on 19 Oct 2016

I really enjoyed hearing Taylor's thoughts on pragmatism and building successful projects backed by enthusiastic communities.

David Thomson at 22:32 on 19 Oct 2016

This was my first exposure to Laravel. It was a good talk, with lots of insight as to why things were designed they way they were, and some interesting concepts for development.
Very good presentation

Daniel at 11:29 on 20 Oct 2016

Another great talk, Thanks Taylor!

Really enjoyed hearing the perspective and opinion.

Daniel at 21:35 on 20 Oct 2016

great talk

Ben Johnson at 12:21 on 21 Oct 2016

As a developer who has been using Laravel for about two years, and as the proprietor of an open-source project, I was very interested in Mr. Otwell's perspective and experience. The talk was informative and inspiring.

Overall, Mr. Otwell's message was well-received and it was fascinating to learn more about the overarching methodologies that underlie Laravel's development.

I will be attending his other talks.

Major kudos on the abstract. I could have stopped reading after the first sentence and known this talk was for me because the popularity of tools that don't look as good "under the hood" as they do on the outside has always baffled me.

As for the talk itself, I don't consider myself a pure perfectionist, but I'm a lot closer to that than to a pure pragmatist, so a lot of the content gave me some more perspectives to consider that I hadn't before. I've always started building components by building out some interfaces/skeletons/etc because that's the way I've always done it and it's the way I know it's going to look... so the whole approach of coding out how the syntax for the different ways to use it would look like first, then worrying about implementation details, is something I'll definitely keep in mind to try first from time to time to see how things turn out differently.

I hope the slides will be made available for this, as I'm not the best note-taker and there are a few things I want to refer back to. :)

Justin Yost at 16:51 on 22 Oct 2016

This was interesting and certainly made me understand some of the reasons behind why Laravel specifically is popular.

Really more of a personal testimonial, about one guys approach to overcoming criticism while creating components that solve his personal problems.

I liked the speaker and content in a way, but I just didn't find it that practical or informative. Some of my disappointment comes from the concept of "tools", I was really expecting more of a focus on web based tools rather than libraries based on the title of the talk and my own personal assumptions.

Andrew Tate at 11:55 on 24 Oct 2016

Really enjoyed Taylor's talk. Hopefully it will inspire me to get started finishing some of those projects gathering dust in the corner.