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This was well-organized and full of options for talks to go to.

I felt there could maybe be more activities, outside of talks, for attendees; besides talking to exhibitors. php[tek] and sunshine are neat examples of this, where exhibitors bring activities and the conference has more after-hours events and during-break events around the venue.

Still, I will recommend this event to others.

Daniel at 19:03 on 26 Oct 2017

a really solid lineup this year

John at 16:49 on 26 Oct 2017

Matthew tried to sell us on middleware by saying he wanted us to be "PHP developers" rather than "Zend developers" or "Symfony developers". In that vein, I think this conference needs to evolve into being more clearly a "PHP conference" (rather than a "Zend conference"). It should do so by offering much better sessions on other frameworks and tools, especially Symfony. Rename it to something other than "ZendCon". Then reach out to Fabien and invite him to combine his SymfonyLive USA conference with this one. I would love to see Symfony talks offered during more session slots, given by leading Symfony developers. I cannot afford the time or money to attend both ZendCon and SymfonyLive.

Also, I missed seeing one great speaker from past conferences: Paul Jones. I hope you can invite him to a future one!

John Fansler at 20:38 on 25 Oct 2017

Great lineup of speakers! Love it!