What did you like about this event, and what do you think could be better for the next time? Leave your feedback to help the organizers know what you liked, and what could be improved on.


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Thanks for the feedback! Next week will be devoted to a very detailed analysis of ZendCon Europe. What was great, what can be improved...

We are very happy that the general feedback we received from all the guys we spoke to was really positive. We have put a lot of energy in putting this "new" event together, so it's a warming reward to see so many enthusiast attendees.

Even more comments on sessions and conference in general are still welcome :)

Thank you all for attending!

ZendCon Europe Team

IMHO it was a very good experience. There were some issues with Wifi but nothing that could lower the rating of the conference. The venue was very confortable, great sessions and workshops.

The food, wine, drinks were very very good.

A big thanks to NBS Systems and Zend to bring it to Europe. See you next year.

It was clear to me that this was the first European ZendCon, with things like wifi not working well, but overall, I really enjoyed my time at the conference. Some points of improvement:

- The amount of sponsor/partner-talks was relatively high, especially on the first day.
- I was missing a place where I could sit down and do some work/hacking, with tables and power.

Next time promise some kind of a reward for people who comment talks :).

Put up moar slidez!