ZendCon Europe will bring together developers, IT managers and PHP experts. With a focus on PHP, mobile and cloud development, attendees at this highly acclaimed conference will expand their skills and explore new technologies.


TUTORIAL: Varnish workshop
Workshop by Thijs Feryn
TUTORIAL: A LAMP environment from the ground up with Vagrant and Puppet
Workshop by Daniel Gomes
TUTORIAL: Setting up a Continuous Delivery environment in 3 hours
Workshop by Mike van Riel
TUTORIAL: Clean application development
Workshop by Adam Culp
TUTORIAL: Build your first Symfony2 application
Workshop by Stefan Koopmanschap
Opening Keynote – Andi Gutmans
Keynote by Maurice Kherlakian
Vagrant, puppet & chef for beginners
Talk by Thijs Feryn
When dynamic becomes static: the next step in web caching techniques
Talk by Wim Godden
Introducing dependency injection
Talk by Rob Allen
Microsoft – Industrialize PHP in the cloud with Windows Azure – FullSix
Talk by Thomas Rabaix
Scenario driven API design
Talk by Ivo Jansch
Introduction to design patterns in PHP
Talk by Julien Pauli, Hugo Hamon
Building Scalable PHP Applications Using Google’s App Engine
Talk by Amy Unruh
LEVEL UP! Migrating your ZF1 app to ZF2
Talk by Gary Hockin
Phing for power users
Talk by Stephan Hochdörfer
Offline strategies for HTML5 mobile applications
Talk by Stephan Hochdörfer
MongoDB introduction
Talk by Derick Rethans
Refactoring 101
Talk by Adam Culp
A micro framework for HTTP API client
Talk by Enrico Zimuel
Console Applications made easy
Talk by Daniel Gomes
Jenkins entwined with deployment and pragmatism
Talk by Eric Ritchie
Build your own webserver with PHP
Talk by Igor
Beyond PHP: it is not (just) about the code!
Talk by Wim Godden
Essential Git for Developers
Talk by Adam Culp
The Evolution of DevOps
Keynote by Davey Shafik