Scenario driven API design


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A straight forward, practical talk on how to approach web-services

Excellent presentation showing the API design from its practical point of view. Usability over RESTfullness...

So far the best session I attended. It's always nice to listen to someone talking about real experiences and not just delivering again the about page of something for beginners. Really appreciated pragmatism over RESTfulness at al costs. Also Ivo is a great speaker and he was really helpful answering questions at the end of his talk.

Real good talk. Think about ressources (scenarios) not about the data structure.. that's not what rest is about^^

One of the best talks in #zceu

A very good talk indeed. The focus on scenarios instead of just exposing the data representation is a good pragmatic approach, even if it "conflicts" with REST.

Very good, practical talk. Perhaps a little too quick on delivery but very good content with clear slides

Very good talk. Good examples, good humor. Only maybe you could slow down a bit, because it was noticeable that more to the end of the talk you were out of breath. Anyhow - one of best talks of the conference.

A very good talk and some very interesting (although not new) ideas.

Some very good practical examples that show the benefits and a sense of humor

Nice to be vindicated in the way we presently work, plus some new ideas. Thanks Ivo.

The examples worked really well in showcasing the design approaches when designing APIs.

Great talk. I personally agree with the user story approach to API design.