Relax with ZF2: RESTful APIs


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nice insight about what apigility can do. I'm looking forward to learning more of it and implementing it to existing projects

Great talk and well delivered. Was great to see the current status of Apigility and how it handles some difficulty aspects of REST applications in a *easy* way. Also I really liked what's is coming.

Very well-prepared talk that provided just the right information about Apigility to get people interested. Also handled the Q&A very well, given some seemingly contentious questions from a couple of attendees.

Really interesting, got me excited about using Apigility!! Can't wait to spend less time debugging our APIs and more time doing some coding :)

I'm definitely going to try it and maybe even use it in the near future :).

Really nice presentation and great project. I hope it will be adopted by many devs to level up their APIs.

Good presentation of a really nice tool!

Good presentation, but in opening talk, main stuff was shown. I expected more advanced presentation.

Good presentation, but should have been a lot more technical and cover more CRUD than just GET. I would liked to see a lot more of the code connected services since it would have displayed a lot more on how Apigility would handle errors and behaviours in the domain/business logic.

Looking forward to Apigility, could save me a lot of development time!

What an amazing project, I'm definitely going for a Apigility + Angular.js project soon.

Great talk as always from Matt. Interesting, engages the audience, clear and a very interesting project.

Interesting talk, I'm defintely going to check out Apigility soon.

Informative talk.
Got a good overview about Apigility, HAL and the philosophy around the project.
Will definitely check this out. Writing a lot of APIs for mobile devices. Bet this will speed up my work.

good overview of Apigility. Will start introducing in new projects.

Nice overview of Apigility.

Thank you, well prepared and delivered.