Talk comments

Who doesn't love entertaining panel discussions?

For me, the most informative talk of all of ZendCon, a hidden gem. It made me think and also forced me to ask internal questions. Sometimes, we need to step back from the code/technology and understand who we are.

Thank you for sharing your insight.

I would love to see more talks of this nature.

Really good overview of some issues NOT specifically related to php itself that can cripple a site unexpectedly, and how to handle that at the code level. Good specific examples and good audience interaction. Some examples included database optimization, network traffic, and unavailable external sources.

Great talk with lots of fun "we've all been there" anecdotes. I really enjoyed it and hearing that other people have run into the same level of "dumb". Thank you.

Great intro to DDD concepts implemented using php. A good overview with plenty of resources cited for a deeper dive.

Really nice to see the different ways of using the service, especially via the Arduino. I think I may have to buy a few more shields.

So much funny. Thank you

Loved the funny face. Keep those coming. Thanks for taking the time to brief us on some of the API capabilities. It is great to hear from someone who is in the trenches with the subject at hand.

Very cool stuff. Nice to see how a service I've frequently used/been annoyed by work on the backend.