Talk comments

Anonymous at 09:08 on 23 Jan 2015

You're a great and relaxed speaker, nice to listen to, and you explain things really clearly. I think a talk of one full hour is maybe a little bit long for this concept if you dive in directly. For people not familiar with the Decorator pattern, i can imagine the stack way not being very intuitive, so a quick overview of the decorator pattern could be a valuable addition the the talk.

The backup slides with answers to some FAQ's were a really good idea.
The code examples would be slightly more readable with some code highlighting.

Really interesting, thanks!

Speak up a little louder.

Good Start look forward to seeing you present more.

My favorite talk of the session. Wim does a great job showcasing both of these technologies giving practical and helpful examples. He was also very thorough and took the extra time to make sure he answered every question I had. Very rarely do you get a session where the speaker is so careful to pay such attention and the ability to make it feel like it's a personalized session just for you. 5 stars and looking forward to the next time i can see him present!

Great talk, and interesting subject I want to explore further.

One bit of advice though: keep your lines small in size (keywords) because it distracts from your verbal narration.

Miguel Pinto at 11:16 on 30 Oct 2014

very nice presentation. recommended

Great topic. I ended up using bluemix for the hackathon and this provided a great primer for it.

Great product and extremely well presented. Thank you so much for doing this uncon talk at the last minute.