# Schedule
17:30 - Pre-meetup - gathering, small talk
18:00 - Meetup kickoff, Group announcements
18:15 - Tomo Šala: Code Reviews and Git Commit Messages
18:45 - Break
19:00 - Open slot / Open discussion
19:30 - Lightning talks

# Talks

## 1. Tomo Šala: Code Reviews and Git Commit Messages

### Description
Git Commits introduce changes to the codebases that take time and effort to understand and evaluate. Unless the author provides quality information about the scope of the changes, reasons behind them, and the point and purpose, the commit is almost useless.

I'd like to share with you my experience with git commit messages, pull requests, and code reviews, trying to explain how you can save yourself and other time and effort down the line.

### Speaker short bio
My name is Tomo Šala, I'm just a PHP developer trying to make some sense out of all that's going on in the development world. Among other things, I like clean commits and useful PRs.


## 2. You? :) We have an open slot, and we'd like you to join us on the stage! Send a PR to https://github.com/zgphp/zgphp-meetup-talks and make our meetup even more awesome!