Talk comments

Although I stumbled upon a few articles about this before and am already using that approach
(not 100% effective, but still trying to fully integrate it into my workflow), I picked a few neat things from his talk.

I agree with Miro. A little more spark is needed with the audience, but considering this was his first talk,
I'll give him five stars, as I think he'll definitively improve upon this.

If he doesn't, I won't. Think about that for a sec. Yea? Right.

Good job Wrap!

Petar Gabud at 21:56 on 18 Feb 2019

Very useful talk for me as mid level git user.
Maybe you should add more Q&A parts to get more interaction with audience.
Last few weeks i write messages by your suggestion :)

Mario Blažek at 15:18 on 15 Feb 2019

Liked the talk very much, Tomo is an outstanding speaker, would love to hear more speeches from him.

Using "If applied, this commit will" from that day on.

Mario Blažek at 15:13 on 15 Feb 2019

Very cool usage of anonymous functions :)

Mario Blažek at 15:12 on 15 Feb 2019

Thanks Zoran for introducing this awesome tool.

Ante Tomas at 20:39 on 29 Jan 2019

Very useful insight into something that most of us take for granted and do not question too much. I appreciate the different perspective that the speaker shared with us and will try to take it into account while I write my commit messages.

As for the stars...let's leave some space for speaker's next talk. :)

Miro Svrtan at 10:00 on 28 Jan 2019

I think lightning talk was just a wrong format for this talk, as I only understood the subject later when we discussed it in deeper but I think this could be a good talk: topic is pretty unique use case (functional testing of multi-step 3rd party API behaviour).

Miro Svrtan at 09:55 on 28 Jan 2019

For me it was really good timing of this lightning talk as I was just needing a similar tool that week and went with the one where I had to draw everything manually (which took hours instead of minutes to draw nicely).

I know it was a lightning talk so speaker used examples from the site but I think it would be nice to maybe convert this to a talk and show more examples that could be relatable to web development, focusing more on why to use them instead of what tools to use for the job.

Miro Svrtan at 09:51 on 28 Jan 2019

As somebody who has been in the industry for a long time, very aware of how much my commit messages need improvement, even knowing how to do it, I have failed on numerous occassions in forcing my self to improve a lot on this part. Since this talk (7 days ago) I'we started giving lot more care on how I message my changes.

Speaker was really good and motivating (at least for me but would love to see if others were influenced as well), had covered the topic very well.

For 5*:
- interact bit more with audience
- give bit more of personal experience into it

As this was speakers first public talk, I would not take this *suggestions* too harshly and I hope to see him sharing his knowledge even more with the audience!

Bravo Tomo!