First up, how to create elite jedi order of developers and to ensure that the quality of every project, task or bugfix will be on a desired level. Slaven Vincetić from Degordian will share his tips and tricks for handling junior developers and encouraging senior developers to contribute with their experience. All that, packed in a talk, with lots of references to Star Wars.

After the break, Marin Crnković from web.burza will introduce us to SaltStack - provisioning system that looks to stir some fun in field traditionally owned by Chef, Puppet and Ansible. Enter SaltStack, the remote execution, configuration management system that uses YAML files (psst, they are in fact Twig!). This talk will provide a crash course on the basics of Salt with some examples and use cases and to get you from "I install my software by hand" to "I used to install by hand, but now I love my life".