Talk comments

I'm a fan of provisioning tools (Ansible tough) and was really eager to see how SaltStack handles the same job.

Marin was a bit nervous at times (speaking in English for non native speakers is always hard) but it can be improved upon.

Talk was prepared a bit in the middle, too techy for PHPDevs and not enough techy for Devops crew so it would be a good thing to focus it more towards one of the groups

It's always nice to hear a real life driven talk on a tech meetup, especially one on how to organize noobs and motivate seniors. Of course, StarWars references are a bonus kick :)

IMO would like to see more details and stories each of the points made.

It was visible that Slaven has a bit of a problem with speaking in English but that's just practice...

Nice talk that I could relate to, both because I'm an avid fan of Star Wars and promoter of communication, pair programming and solving problems together with the team