Today's HTML and CSS have come a long way and offer many oportunities for creating slim pages without tacking on a boatload of Javascript just to create a dropdown menu or a modal.

This talk will demo a couple of lesser known HTML elements and techniques for creating common interactive components.

Hopefully, next time you'll think twice before running `npm install universe` and consider whether your problem is solvable **Sans JS**.


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Really great talk! I like the idea and the presentation as actual live examples. It was easy to follow and really interactive as Ivan included the audience into the talk and made us engage and share our experiences also. Also, kudos for quick preparation and stepping for the talk.

To perfect this talk, I would like to see even more, something "modern" done with this: including animations and cool new stuff. I think Ivan can do this with a little more preparation and don't have a doubt that he won't do that soon. ;)

Good job! :)

Bruno Zorić at 08:59 on 23 May 2019

Nice talk. Didn't know about some stuff that is available in HTML now :O
I understand that JS files are large, but most people want nice animations and eye candy stuff :) This talk gave us good insight with what we can start.