Talk comments

Tomo Šala at 16:53 on 23 Jan 2020

Great talk, filled with examples on how to use Deployer! Learn a few new things!

Tomo Šala at 16:52 on 23 Jan 2020

awesome talk, giving great insight and examples of how NOT to over-engineer a system, but rather improve it organically over time.

Josip prepared a great talk with great slides, had fun and interesting stories and explanations for different stages of development to their platform. Excellent English skills.

Good hands on overview on using a tool for simple deployments

Learned a lot from this talk... some architectural points were eye opening.

Toni Perić at 10:25 on 13 Dec 2019

Really great talk!

Loved the El Clasico story. It's funny how sometimes opting for very simple solutions can save the day.

An awesome talk which was based on real hands on experience.

Goran Galinec at 23:15 on 5 Dec 2019

One of the best talks that I've seen with a lot of valuable information on scaling a growing project.