ZgPHP#111-R - still going remote

Thursday 19th November 2020

18:00 A crash course into async and non-blocking PHP
Talk by Cees-Jan Kiewiet (40 minutes)

The world of async and non-blocking PHP might be intimidating but let me give you a crash course through it's wonderous landscape. From async messaging structures, and background queue processors, to non-blocking PHP application services with thread workers handling requests. All with real life examples on how they have been done and why that way.

Learn git the right way
Talk by Zvonimir Spajic (30 minutes)

Git is a standard tool for version control these days so we all use it daily. And we all understand it. Or do we? Well... Let's face it - git is hard. The main reason for this lies in its UI. It is full of leaky abstractions. That is why to get comfortable with git you need to gain some understanding of how git works internally. In this talk, we "open" git's hood and take a look at what happens there when we do our daily operations.