ConFoo 2022 Hybrid

22 - 25 Feb 2022 @ Hotel Bonaventure

ConFoo is a conference dedicated to development best practices. It is multidisciplinary and includes topics such as PHP, Ruby, Java, Python, UX, project management, mobile, Artificial Intelligence etc…

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Incontro DevOps Italia

18 Mar 2022 @ Savoia Regency Hotel

IDI Incontro DevOps Italia 2022 è la 10° edizione della conferenza italiana dedicata alle tematiche DevOps. Parleremo di DevOps, Continuous Delivery, Cloud, Microservices, Automation, Testing, Big Dat…

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1 Apr 2022 @ Cinema Sarti

cssday è la conferenza italiana dedicata ai CSS, uno degli strumenti più potenti, ed allo stesso tempo sottovalutati, del nuovo rinascimento del web. Nata come track del jsday e dallo stesso team di K…

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phpday 2022

19 - 20 May 2022 @ Hotel San Marco, Verona, Italy

phpday 2022 is the 19th edition of the Italian PHP conference, organized by GrUSP, happening in beautiful Verona (Italy). The event is international and all sessions will be in English.…

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Dutch PHP Conference 2022

1 - 2 Jul 2022 @ RAI Amsterdam

Ibuildings is proud to organise the 16th Dutch PHP Conference on July 1 and 2 at RAI Amsterdam. The program will be completely in English so the only Dutch thing about it is the location. Keywords for…

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