Talk comments

Harm Tersteeg at 09:54 on 15 Feb 2017

Great talk in the making.
About halfway it felt i know where the talk was heading but then the code examples came into play and i was confused about how these example where inline with the talk about keeping things simple and no overdoing abstraction.
I got the point you were trying to make there but would like to see how you got from the specs of the house in maybe a few more intermediate steps.
But overall great insights and really a talk that said what are we doing and why are we doing these things.
Which is always a good question and that coupled to the metaphors of bruce lee makes it click

Jeffrey at 16:35 on 11 Feb 2017

Didn't know what to expect with the abstract / meet-up title. And even after the first slides I had something like; where is this talk going to?! But after an while I get the point. I really like the talk. Several situations were very familiar with business around me. As usual I feel fine to follow the presentation mode of Jeroen. Speak slowly and clearly. Highly recommended!

Sander Mangel at 15:12 on 10 Feb 2017

A humorous talk with a clear message of keeping it simple.

It's great to get some insight into how Jeroen approaches a project and makes decisions on what to tackle next when working with code.

The Bruce Lee comparisons made it both fun and easy to understand.

The talk was great. Enjoyed a lot of Jeroen's examples as they matched perfectly with my own experiences.
I had no trouble following the presentation as the slides were very clear, Jeroen took his time to explain his example and/or statement, and left me without the need to ask for further explanation.

I liked the differences in slides, going from meme's, quotes to code examples, but never long and boring text. This kept the talk fresh and easy to follow.

I would recommend attending this talk whenever you should get a chance to.

Sidenote: I would definitely change your abstract to match the context of the talk, as the current abstract left me wondering what you would talk about, and might keep people from attending your talk.

Good job!