After a successful July meetup we will continue by bringing you Sjoerd Maessen to the stage. Sjoerd is going to present his talk "Machine Learning - Support Vector Machine", which you may have seen at the Dutch PHP Conference earlier this year.

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Machine Learning - Support Vector Machine - Sjoerd Maessen

A lot of people have heard the buzz word "machine learning", but what is it exactly and how can we use it as a PHP developer. I will not go into existing SAAS solutions like but would like to explain the theory behind SVM and show coding examples about how we can use this technology as a PHP developer.

In my spare time I use machine learning to predict the stock market but there are many more applications to use this technology. What about using it to detect if a given sample text is english or dutch or wether an email is spam or not or lets ask ourselves the question if we would have survived a trip on the titanic.

This talk will not go into or use ANN like the tic tac toe talk of Eduardo Gulias Davis during DPC 2015. The talk will use SVM which is a totally different approach and technique used for classification of data. I will show a step by step approach to build our own SVM program to distinguish English from Dutch text in an automated way using SVM.


19:00 - 19:30 - Doors open.
19:30 - 19:45 - A word from our organizers / location sponsor
19:45 - 20:30 - Machine Learning - Support Vector Machine - Sjoerd Maessen
20:30 - ?? - Round up and start of Social!

Share this meetup to your friends and colleagues and we hope to see all of you on August 11th!