Talk comments

Martijn at 11:53 on 18 Mar 2016

I really liked the talk, and the subject.

It was nice to see you overcoming your stage fright, and even then you managed not only to not shut down on stage, but open up and talk about yourself too.

Just one point to improve on, as Michelangelo had mentioned already, try to keep a clear voice, and at some points you began to talk real softly. It did have a plus to it however, the whole room was almost completely silent.

A very passionate talk.

Clear message of community values and how to overcome hurdles when learning a (programming) language.

For me personally, it's a nice review of days gone by.

However, for someone in the "newbie stage", this talk could really be key for growing up with less growth pains.

Thanks for the talk!

Oh, one minor note: Don't be afraid to take the front of the stage, it would really fit your personal-journey talk.

Ellen Boven at 11:00 on 18 Mar 2016

I really liked your talk! I recognized all the stages you mentioned. It also was inspiring. Maybe you could also add to the talk how you ended up being a speaker, that is also interesting to hear and might inspire others also to become a speaker.

Sometimes it was a bit hard to hear you well, because your voice was really soft at some moments.

This talk hit very close to home and was so recognisable! It was easy to see that this was a very personal story and not a word about it was untrue. You were worried about your stage fright, but I think it was hardly noticeable. You were "in the zone", so to speak.

It was a bit short though, and I would love to hear more examples and what is still left for you to discover and the wild adventures you still want to partake in. Looking forward to the next time I see it.

Jeroen Gerits at 23:46 on 17 Mar 2016

Hi Michelle, i liked you talk today.

For me personally it exposed the short time-span that the we as as people, but also the industry changed the way of doing and learning stuff. But also a pledge for being open for people that are new to our industry (or just at different phases).

Other than that i found it very entertaining to hear your path, and besides that i can partially identify with that. And that is nice.

Good stuff, keep it on!

Michelangelo van Dam at 20:22 on 17 Mar 2016

Very touching talk with unbelievable events and exciting turns. A really great experience!

Be mindful that you keep you voice clear. I know it was emotional, but look out that you don't mumble.

Fatih Demir at 20:18 on 17 Mar 2016

Very inspiring talk! Thank you.