Talk comments

Good talk, actually when I returned from the conference, I bought a T3 mag at the airport because of this.
Now checking out their website, Is this entirely based on CakePHP? This is a great reference for when client asks about how complex it can become with Cake.

Are you going to put the slides up somewhere? Thanks a lot.

I think this is something I'll definitely be using in the future, great intro.

A whole bunch of useful info, plenty of things to go off and find out more info about

Anonymous at 10:09 on 4 Sep 2012

This was a very interesting talk and inspired me to go through the pain of a migration myself. As Ando said it so beautifully, a migration is a pain, but worth it because of the Cake 2 benefits.

Finally got a brief introduction to what Phone Gap does. Great content and presentation.

Will start implementing job queues in the next project. This is such an obvious performance factor but I never really thought about how to tackle it. This is the solution.

Great introduction to Git with all its advantages over old version control systems (subversion *cough*).