Talk comments

Great walkthrough of Oauth, JWT tokens and how to setup a secure web flow using Open ID Connect. I found the talk very interesting, as luck would have it that I was knee-deep in OIDC walking into the conference, and this talk cleared up a few things for me.

Mike is an entertaining talker, even with his dry jokes (which I think is part of the act. And the thing is, it's never the joke itself, it's the delivery that makes or breaks it).
Mike showed us a fascinating API that had a lot of interesting features I'd love to try out (although being located outside of US might be a problem vis-a-vis the terms of the application). I can see a lot business opportunities for a US based developer with this service!

Josh is a gifted speaker, and the content was top notch. What I got from this talk is the key to building great software is working on something you are passionate about, are talented in and being compensated fairly, and praying that you have great colleagues and a mindful boss. And you are responsible for your own destiny, don't be a passive member of the team.

Reid is a great speaker with a fantastic presence on stage. The topic was also very interesting, starting with a lightning fast introduction to blockchain and ending with highlights of the future potential of blockchain. Some of it might be a pipe dream, like hosting your website on the ethereum chain, but then again, blockchain devs may surprise us yet again.

Excellent technical talk, with great examples and a SOLID understand of SOLID! Loved it!

Excellent talk about career paths. David also engaged in a fruitful discussion with the attendees during the talk, which was both interesting and thoughtful.

Chris Lorenzo at 13:32 on 6 Sep 2018

Slides are available:

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Chris Lorenzo at 13:31 on 6 Sep 2018

You can view the github repo here: and slides are

Lawrence Shea at 11:06 on 6 Sep 2018

1 drink per question is a steal! Excellent closing talk!

Lawrence Shea at 11:05 on 6 Sep 2018

Web, DNS & Trading card games on the blockchain?!? Oh my. Great talk about the state of the blockchain and the (possible) future of web development! Really well done Reid!