Codeworks, our annual one-day conference tour, is back for yet another year to bring a full day of learning, fun, and networking opportunities to a city near you!

Like every year, we’re visiting ten cities on this year’s tour, with some familiar stops and some new venues added to our roster.

What’s Codeworks like?

Codeworks is a one-of-a-kind experience. We take most of our staff on tour, alongside a few trusted friends and colleagues, and organize a one-day conference with professional-grade presentations on hot topics for the PHP development world.

Why we do it, you may ask? Because, while we organize conferences every year, sometimes it’s better when the conference comes to you, instead of you having to go out of your way to attend.

Bringing great presentations directly city-by-city gives us a chance to meet new folks, and gives everyone an opportunity to enjoy talks that they may not be able to attend otherwise.
Great networking

Like we have done in previous years, each stop will feature an afterparty at a venue near the conference, with drinks and food, and a great opportunity to network with your fellow developers, and with employers in your area.

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