Talk comments

Amazing presentation. Great break from our regular routine, fresh ideas and a new area to dig into.
My only concern during the presentation was that I might not take notes fast enough or I might forget some of the things covered.

Thank you, Gary, for a great presentation and if you ever do anything similar I hope I find out soon enough, I'd really hate to miss it.

I enjoyed the presentation. Gary kept the audience involved and provided us with actionable information that we could use to work on real life issues that we all face everyday. He has a vault of experience from which he shares relatable examples freely - ideas that may challenge and confront the comfortable grooves the audience has settled into with their daily interactions at work. We were participants in the conversation - each of us filling ourselves in as Everyman in the narrative Gary led us through as we learned about new ways to enframe our work engagements.

The talk was well-organized and Gary did well by providing examples and analogies that relate to client relationships. The talk should help any one, not just sole proprietors, have a layman's grasp of the importance of understanding psychology in business - from small businesses to corporate. I did not and think that no one should expect that this talk would be a treatise, but Gary's background and education should infer that he could go into the details. With that in mind, I think that Meyers-Briggs is may simplify understanding of human behavior too much.

Thank you for speaking, Gary.

Bill Condo at 08:20 on 14 Jan 2016

Gary provided both theory and usable examples of the project management and negotiation topics. It's really refreshing to hear that some of the day to day struggles and shared by others and how to approach solving them. Great soft talk for developers.