Talk comments

Symfony is bloated and we could have cut a lot more than 5% in webserver performance by cutting it. Our tests indicated a 30% performance penalty compared to our in-house framework which was very lean. With Varnish, we pay much less of a price.

However, Symfony allows us to develop faster and adding an extra couple of servers to handle a heavy framework makes business sense since servers are cheap compared to the man-hours of not using it.

Anonymous at 10:31 on 30 Apr 2012

You could save alot more overhead by getting rid of varnish and handling the caching in redis. You can also get rid of the bloat of Symphony to gain another 5% performance

Like the live demo. But maybe there was a bit too much demonstration vs explanation. A brief Node.JS overview of maybe 5 minutes would be a great addition to start the talk.

Hey, Anonymous - ask me on twitter. I'm @rowan_m.

Anonymous at 14:47 on 30 Mar 2012

Hi guys, I missed the beginning when he spoke about "Sales create estimates", can anyone sum it up for me? Thanks!

Great talk!

Anonymous at 17:09 on 24 Mar 2012

For your reverse caching, you should rather have looked at trafficserver or G-Wan.

Anonymous at 16:56 on 24 Mar 2012

Thank you very much. Very interesting information about your project!