Thursday 14th September 2017

Deploying Microservices Done Right: Automating Releases
Talk by Matthijs Dabroek (1 hour)

Microservices are starting to become an industry standard, but developing these systems bring their own set of headaches. Microservice technologies are moving quickly, requiring short iteration cycles and quick deployment strategies. If these processes are not streamlined (or not in place at all) they will severely hinder the growth of your organization and hamper your development velocity. This talk will touch upon the importance of facilitating easy deployment in a microservice architecture, and will show some practical examples of how to automate your releases. We will demonstrate how automating your releases can improve not only your development process, but will also give your developers more documentation in support of the development process.

How to canary release your applications with Vamp on modern container platforms
Talk by Tim Nolet (1 hour)

This talk gives some practical examples of how you can gradually release new application versions (or any other containerised workload) to a Mesosphere DCOS cluster. Using Vamp, an open source project available as a package on the Mesosphere Universe, you can target specific audiences, split traffic based on percentages or make up your own workflow from scratch.