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As usual Cal and his team put on a brilliant event. Like the others mentioned, the technical issues were the greatest flaw, but even they were slight enough I barely even remember them. I feel like I stole the information based on the amount I paid and the wealth of information the speakers presented. The irc channel was lively and it really added the aspect that could be missing from an online conference. Five stars. Will attend DC4D in the future.

Great event Cal & The Gang, always a pleasure! Lots of great content for a budding developer. As far as Fuze compared to gotomeeting, my browser experience ran seemlessly. I would think they should compensate for systematic errors, really.

Another awesome DC4D, even though we had a few technical issues with Fuze Meeting all the talks went well I thought. Most importantly I feel that I have plenty of interesting pieces I can take away from all the talks presented today. Bring on DC4D#4. Huge thanks to Cal and all the presenters involved. Damn good show.

Well worth the price of admission and the day spent relaxing in my chair.

The quality of speakers were as good as you would find at any national conference and the parallel conversations even better.

I've spent many years doing project management but still took away so much new information that I kinda don't know where to begin. According to Brian Prince; one piece at a time.

Will definitely hit up any of these events I can in the future.

Critiques: just the technical issues, which are to be expected. Fuze need to use either the room number or the meeting number, not both depending on the manner you join the meeting. Also, that lady scares me. I might have a nightmare or two of her voice in the future.

Great experience and a great way to attend a meeting which will probably unattendable because of distance, time and cost. Great topics and speakers ! I will certainly attend DC4D 4

Thank you Cal and others who have made this possible

As always, great speakers broadening our project management skills. Good real world application and explanation of methods. Good speakers. A few technical hiccups but we all got the information. Felt like a group of close friends getting together to share skills and high fives.

Other than the fuze meeting issues the event was great. In no way can the technical difficulties be attributed to Cal and the other organizers. Great speakers, all on topic and very interesting. This has been the most productive DC4D for me to date, where every single presentation had a direct relationship with what I do.

good day. This was my 2nd Day Camp (skipped telecommuting because I can't do that any more in my current job but had a lot of practice & experience with it in the past.)

I took things away from each presenter. Didn't have a lot of questions because the topics were so straight forward. Last session was wicked - wish everyone at work could have heard it. It had me cringing about a project I got involved with recently -- after others spun their wheels & finally came to me. Now I'm up against a bad deadline & people that have been on the project are still not meeting their deliverables and not dedicating their time to it.

The meeting app worked fairly well for me after I got past a few technical issues which were probably on my end. though I could not figure out where to grab the slide presentations.

thanks again. look forward to hearing about DC4D # 4

Great stuff. This was my first "remote" conference and I must say the bar has been set pretty high. I really enjoyed the conversation via IRC while viewing the slides and hearing the speaker. There was a lot of practical knowledge from people actually doing the work which is so valuable to me. From a technical perspective, things worked really well for me and I loved being able to use my iPad as well as my laptop. Thanks for putting this together!

Another great event. Few technical issues, but the quality of the talks made up for any problems. I appreciate that I was able to attend from Linux this time.

Looking forward to the next one.

Agree with the previous commenter - a few technical issues but more than outweighed by the quality and variety of the talks. Big thanks to the organisers and speakers for a great event, looking forward to being able to see the recordings when they become available.

5 thumbs up. Certainly there were technical and audio issues, but they were minor in contrast with the value provided. I hate that I've missed the first two DC4Ds. I won't be missing any more.