Talk comments

I am a sole developer and loved the ideas presented. I have looked into Agile processes a few times, and always think "Why just for me". However, I love learning new things, and this talk opened my eyes to a whole other development methodology.

A really good introduction to some of the major Agile practices and there benefits to get one interested and start using them.

Killer presentation; well done! I haven't read any of those books.... Seems like I better. :)

Real practical knowledge for dealing with customers. Not many ground breaking points, but that's what I want from a talk like this.

excellent talk, "mythical man-month" talks are quite common, but this one touched all the bases in an easily understandable manner. Was enjoyable to listen too. /would listen again. :)

Also the "everyone's story" at the start was eerily accurate to say the least.

Awesome talk. Can't wait to listen again once the videos are available. Totally agree with the concept of designing first, estimate second.

Fabulous. This is one that I'll want to listen to again. For the first time I feel like I can actually do an estimate in a way that makes sense. Design first makes so much sense. Great practical insight.

Great ideas & encouraging some further reading. Enjoyed the delivery and Jones Law.

Just one word: WOW !!

I really enjoyed the reminder that keeping your customers happy has a lot more to do with just the product... you have to think about the communication and project management.