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Fantastic talk with lots of practical tips and tricks.

A great round-up of important additional things you need to remind yourself of working for yourself. A great presentation by the great Paul M. Jones!!!

Probably the most directly useful talk of the day. Thanks a lot.

Great job on a very needed talk. Many areas to cover, and a job well done.

Very valuable advise. Great presentation.

Excellent talk with lots of good points - not sure I agree with everything but certainly lots to think about. Great presentation to end the day with - thanks Paul for a thought-provoking talk.

Always an amazing. I have not seen a more informed and engaging presenter.

Paul! Thank you. Great talk.

Excellent Talk! Inspiring and very useful advice.

Great talk and content, even the parts that were US-centric can carry over to us Brits.

GREAT inspiring session with lots of advice.
Paul did a FANTASTIC job!

One of the questions was about professional development. Here is the formal professional development ladder I mentioned:

(Construx is the company of Steve McConnell, who wrote such books as Code Complete.)

My own informal proessional development library is composed of these books among others, in no particular order

- Code Complete (McConnell)
- The Pragmatic Programmer (Hunt & Thomas)
- Peopleware (DeMarco & Lister)
- The Inmates Are Running The Asylum (Cooper)
- The Mythical Man Month (Brooks)
- Software Estimation (McConnell)
- Patterns of Enterprise Application Design (Fowler)

Hope that helps!

Thanks for making me really think tonight! As well as the financial planning aspect, which I know I have been letting slide while I started my business and had so little money, you have reminded me that I must read and think as well as just code in order to grow

Kind of a wake-up talk from one of my favorite DC4D speakers. It's not all about developing and making money. Quite some good practical tips to settle your life and business aspects to be prepared for things you rather don't want to think about, but have to.
Hope to hear you again at the next DC4D!