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Another fantastic event put on by Cal and team.

My fourth DC4D and I must say: I can't find a thing which doesn't go well. There were some minor FuzeMeeting issues, but Cal took enough coffee to be able to react swiftly to those issues. A big thank you to Cal and the other attendees. It's been both informative and fun. Hope to see you all at DC4D #5!

Cal: Is it still possible to look back at the vids and slides of DC4D #3 (and also the ones before) on a kind of archive site/location? I'm missing the slides and vids of #3 :(

DC4D continues its tradition of teaching developers the non-technical information they need to know. I would suggest that the next one has a "proper" website though, not just an eventbrite page.

First time at a DC4D and it's been a real eye-opener. While my technical skils aren't too bad, it makes me realise just how little I know about being a developer in general. Aside from a couple of glitches with pushing the slides to people there were no problems, the presentation environment worked well, the use of the IRC room meant slight tangents could be gone off on without disrupting the main talk.

Just improve the catering (microwaved sausage rolls, really?) and I'll be back for the next one.

When I signed up, I thought I'd attend more out of tradition but that I wouldn't actually need much of this right now. Turns out that a) things change and I do need some of the information right now and b) a lot of things discussed here would actually have been useful in any case.

So, as usual: Great selection of speakers, good content, an afternoon/evening well spent.

Minor niggle: Please keep poking the FuzeMeeting people so that we can get downloadable recordings one day. There was so much stuff in here, it would be nice to revisit things offline.

Another great DC4D - excellent talks and well worth attending. Thanks to Cal and all the speakers.

I think this was the best DC4D to date. #4 had some great subjects and awesome speakers. A great way for developers to spend their time. Really looking forward to #5. Keep up the great work.

This is the second DC4D i joined and am realy loving the concept ! Although i have no plans of being a freelancer all the talks where still inspiring !

Looking forward to the next one !

I'm from Mauritius and have been able to attend this event smoothly - this event is globally accessible if you have a laptop + connectivity. That's a BIG advantage! To enhance your user/listener experience, skype and IRC is a BIG plus.
I have tried this event both on linux and windows 7, works fine.
@Cal: keep bringing more of DC4D!!


Cal! A great conference! Thanks for making us a part of this. Again, I see it was well worth sponsoring this event and I'm looking forward to #5.

Great job organizing and awesome event. Everything seemed to work well, or good enough to allow everyone to participate. Loved the way individual talks were organized with a short break between each one. The IRC chat worked well to allow attendees to communicate and gain additional knowledge.

I look forward to the next event.