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Come for the talks stay for the fun in the chat!

Another fantastic edition! The talks were great, zoom was fine with no connection issues whatsoever. The chat was as fun as ever and I think that we all learned a lot!

One small recommendation is to have a schedule posted somewhere even if it's not followed to the letter. It can be a pinned message in the slack channel. That will make it easier for people to plan for lunch/dinner.

So my 1st DC4D.... it was GREAT, no doubt! Glad I participated. Keep up the good work Cal!

Excelet event, all around.

I really love the Zoom experience: much crispier experience, good overal network performance and multi platform support.

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DayCamp4Developers concept is really a super idea: a full featured conference online, with a hallway track in Slack to keep the conversation going. A great way to share knowledge and have your development team network with other professionals for expert advice or exchanging ideas.