Talk comments

Ed Barnard at 19:01 on 21 Jan 2019

Just listened to Sara's talk via the recording. It's great to have a structured view of the compiler that's post 7.0. The various writings I've seen before now (primarily Nikita) described brand-new PHP 7.0. Sara helped me get a better handle on how things are put together, and where the performance improvements come in. Cache-adjacent - had no idea!

Eric Hogue at 15:20 on 18 Jan 2019

Great talk

Excellent talk.

The mic was on low volume - but the content was in detail!

Another talk packed with information and examples! Really nice to see the async ideas in php merged with a modern framework and how they can co-exist with some tweaking.

Eugen Neuber at 15:02 on 18 Jan 2019

Thank you very much!

James A Lind at 15:00 on 18 Jan 2019


Great overview of the concepts backed with enough examples.

Extremely great talk, makes me considering a lot of new things when designing a new application. Gives me a lot of ideas to start improving some of my current projects. I think a few very short QA breaks will cause a deeply technical talk such as this one to increase engagement. However, was very interesting, learned a lot and enjoyed a lot.

Eric Hogue at 13:49 on 18 Jan 2019

Great talk. Lots of things to try out after the talk.