Talk comments

Great talk! I always wanted to know what some of the columns on top meant and you made it so clear.

Loved having the other parts that can affect an application's performance be covered, because that has impacted me a lot. I now have even more tools at my disposal when looking at these aspects.

As I get more and more into writing APIs, these tools will come in extremely handy. Thanks!

Michelangelo van Dam at 14:07 on 18 Sep 2015

Awesome talk with a rich overview of tools to test your API's.

First time that during a talk servers went down due to live demo :-)

Always good info in your talks! This time no exception. Thanks for all your work on xDebug, could not do my job as well without it.

Pure gold!!! So much good info.
And nice example of still offering alternative content to a service you are presenting from a company that you represent.

Thank you