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The upgrade to GotoWebinar was a great one. I really enjoyed participating on the sessions, even when I needed to be on the move without fighting with the tool to participate in the conference sessions.

I always wonder how DC4D really finds the speakers who know how to deliver. Again this event has proven the community has high-level experts where we can learn a lot from. A perfect series of speakers and topics that provide a long list of "need-to-learn-more-of" sessions. Awesome!

Really enjoyed this event and particularly the very hands on nature of the material. I haven't used PHP for a few years now (mainly a Python developer these days) but today's material is applicable to any software project. I also enjoyed the focus on the process of using git, and feel I'm now going to get even more out of it. Great stuff - thanks to both the speakers and organisers for an awesome day!

Every DC4D that I've attended has been worth the lost productivity at work and the cost of the ticket.

This day may have been then best one yet, despite my attempts to undermine it with a strange bout of ebola in the middle of my session.

If you're a PHP developer (or for this session, *any* developer) that takes your craft seriously, you owe it to yourself and future employers to make DC4D a WON'T MISS item on your calendar.

Exceeded my expectations! (Whooo-hooo!!!)