Talk comments

Great talk, especially the part regarding the git-flow workflow.

This talk clarifies some of the most important things about Git. Lorna is a great speaker.

Omni has a really nice voice to listen to - well paced, clear, rather soothing!

The first half, highlighting when the different hooks happen was very clear.

The second half, the worked example was good, and OK to follow, but I got to the end thinking "isn't there a package out there that can do the zany command line calls and parsing for me?". Like you said, Omni, you'd put the functions into classes and have unit tests for them - are those classes available from anywhere? Because to be honest I don't really want to have to know about git rev-parse if I can possibly avoid it.

In other words, while it was interesting to see all the innards of the scripts in the talk, it would be more immediately useful if you'd said "here's this package you can use in your scripts to get nicely organised lists of files etc" and show some more examples of things you could do in different hooks.

It looked like git-started that you referenced at the end was that thing, but having had a quick scan I'm not sure it is. So of course, if that package doesn't exist then you can ignore most of what I've just written!

Great talk, learned plenty that will help with maintaining projects directly via git

Very good. I think the first slide - a branch is a label is the most important one and makes everything else make sense. And all the other tips and techniques were clearly explained and demo-ed. I will feel much more confident doing things that previously I may have held my breath and crossed my fingers for!

One thought for making the demos a bit clearer. The git log displays are OK, but took me a moment to take in and work out what was happening. Could you supplemtn or replace them with 'linked bubble' slides (like the ones you use for the main parts of the talk) that are a bit easier to comprehend quickly?

Thank you.

Astonishingly accessible talk about some fundamental concepts that underpin how git is implemented, which helps to explain why certain aspects of git behave the way they do. Although talking about hashes and graphs and so on sounds esoteric, I feel that understanding the concepts has real and practical benefits - and will give me more confidence in my usage of git in future. Understanding how hashes work alone is worth the price of admission, and the concluding overview of shorthand notations for commits was also an eye-opener for me.

Thanks Matthew for such a clear and brilliant talk!

Travis is a true GIT magician. I remember him teaching me the basics of GIT at TEK X and I've read his books, but everytime he talks about it, I feel like a beginner. Well done sir!

An excellent talk by an excellent speaker. This talk has given me a bunch of "points-to-improve" as they can be applied to not only open-source projects but also to internal projects. Got a lot to catch up on. Thanks for sharing Matthew!

Matthew is a new speaker for me, but he has given a well pased, well layed out presentation. I'm happily surprised, well done!