Asynchronous PHP with Icicle


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Chuck Burgess at 13:32 on 22 Apr 2016

Complicated topic (so I'll have to review slides a few times), but frequent code examples should help with that.

Great presentation!

The concept of coroutines seems to be overly complicated, but I think that is just the learning curve switching to asychronous programming. Haven't had any issues following the awaitables and observables parts, forking seems to be very interesting for some of our projects, will have a deeper look into icicle probably :)

Ethan Heitman at 13:35 on 22 Apr 2016

Enjoyed the talk. Some information I didn't quite get, but it was a good introduction to Icicle. The examples were very useful, especially the final one.

The presentation was a bit dry, but I expect that would get better over time.

Darryl Hein at 13:36 on 22 Apr 2016

It was a little hard to follow, though got easier at the end. Not sure if it was going to fast that caused it or reading word for word and not taking the time to explain important bits in more detail. But in the end, very complicated stuff so no surprise I don't understand everything in round 1!

The topic is pretty complicated, but the presentation was clear enough especially towards the end. I got a bit monotonous at times, but not enough to lose interest. I've seen and read things about reactphp before but async php is still a topic I haven't researched enough. Icicle seems interesting and I'll be looking more all this after I re-watch the talk a couple more times.

Good stuff. I definitely plan to check this out and work it into some of my projects.

Joe Compton at 13:45 on 22 Apr 2016

Good information and coverage of the concepts. Liked the examples/breakouts from the slides to demo the code.

Marat at 13:46 on 22 Apr 2016

Interesting talk, though a bit hard to follow

Good introduction

Shawn Rhoney at 14:11 on 22 Apr 2016

Thanks for the introduction to Icicle, will check it out if I have a project that needs concurrence or if I have time to experiment more with Asynchronous operations.

Ben Chrisman at 14:53 on 22 Apr 2016

Very technical and insightful information - will definitely need to review the slides.

Very action packed. I'm going to have to work through the video a couple times to totally "get it" but a great introduction to all that the library can do. I came for all the talks, but the async talks were the things that made me attend, and I'm happy I did.

Improvements? Maybe practice a little, I've heard you more relaxed in podcast but you seemed a little nervous today. Your talk was amazing so just get comfortable giving it. :)