HTTP, PSR-7 and Middleware


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Chuck Burgess at 11:08 on 22 Apr 2016

Good examples of $next behavior to show the "onion" / "stack" behavior.

Really nice and simple explanation of middleware.

Personally I think the HTTP explanation was too basic a jump into the talk which made a slow start for a good rest of the call.

Ethan Heitman at 11:11 on 22 Apr 2016

Especially enjoyed the middleware discussion. Your way of explaining middleware and how PSR-7 requests fit within them was very clear.

In the slide where you explain how the with-methods return a new object there's a typo in your example where you're chaining with-methods; you have a semi-colon at the end of the first line.

Also, thank you for calling people out on "middlewares."

Nice overview of Middlewares :D

Would be interested in hearing how PSR-7 is dealt with in frameworks like React, Icicle, and AMPHP.

Tough topic to keep interesting, but Rob did a good job with examples and making it relevant. I would have liked to see some more complicated real world examples of several layers of middleware and how they interact more.

I only got to half of the talk, but what I saw was excellent, interesting, informative and sparked a discussion and ignited my interest to finally sit down and read the PSR-7 spec. I can't wait to watch the rest when videos go up.

Kaj Ström at 11:51 on 22 Apr 2016

Interesting and informative. Provided a solid starting point for further learning on PSR-7.

Darryl Hein at 12:26 on 22 Apr 2016

Lots of great details, though a little hard to understand real world examples, but maybe just me trying to understand how to integrate it into my current setup/framework/etc.

Very useful talk and I learned a lot. The points made in the beginning were crucial to getting started with it. More time and attention to these might be in order.

The portion about middleware was a bit long to be outside the standard. Rather would like to have seen the presentation of what PSR7 is transition to a discussion of the current challenges for developers to use it in their daily work.

Specifically, would like to have heard a little more about use of PSR-7 interfaces in the mainstream frameworks. The bridges portion touched on this, but the talk stopped short of using PSR-7 requests in Symfony and Laravel -- and that is where PSR-7 uptake will really be measured.

I've been seeing chatter about PSR-7 for a while now, it was nice to get an overview and explanation of some of the related ideas (middleware).

I did just want to log onto the IRC and start spamming "middlewares".

Marat at 13:44 on 22 Apr 2016

interesting talk. Though I miss some points on immutable and middle-ware, I was able to get it from discussion in the chat

Joe Compton at 13:49 on 22 Apr 2016

Great talk. Liked the call-out to the two concepts to remember from the talk.

Shawn Rhoney at 13:55 on 22 Apr 2016

A timely overview of PSR-7 and Middleware. Ready to dive deeper into using Middleware.

Good presentation

Ben Chrisman at 14:46 on 22 Apr 2016

Great thorough explanation of PSR7 and Middleware