What To Expect From PHP7


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Lorna is such a talented speaker! A good recap, made better with good pace, clear elocution, and minimalist slides.

Chuck Burgess at 09:52 on 22 Apr 2016

Lots of stuff to know about and check existing code for. Good examples!

Quick, concise, informative, and fun to listen to. Thanks Lorna!

Ben Chrisman at 09:54 on 22 Apr 2016

Very basic, but informative, rundown on PHP 7! Lorna always does a great job.

Ethan Heitman at 09:57 on 22 Apr 2016

Great talk. Lots of information within the short talk time. The slides were also very clear.

One thing that seemed out of place was the slide about Errors shown before type hinting.

R A Schneider at 10:20 on 22 Apr 2016

I really appreciated the specific info on the "gotchas". The foreach change really caught me by suprise.

A very nice overview of PHP7. Learned more about the features and what to watch out for when upgrading to PHP7.

Great talk! Basic but still introduced a few issues I hadn't seen mentioned in other intros to PHP7.

Does ?? work on array access? Objects? Nested of each of these? These are important questions that could be addressed easily.

Don't lead by saying your not an expert; yeah yeah we're all peers, but it on this thing, you are an expert. Sure others know more, but it's not a superlative term. If you're weren't an expert, I wouldn't want to sit and listen. :)

Nice talk, very basic but as PHP7 is very new I guess that is a very good level to start with. Nice ideas/hints for pitching the PHP7 upgrade

Joe Compton at 11:11 on 22 Apr 2016

Good overview.

Darryl Hein at 12:25 on 22 Apr 2016

Made me more confident and excited to test and try PHP 7!

Travis Waters at 12:49 on 22 Apr 2016

Our team has a lot of work to do!

Got me more excited about my org's upgrade path to PHP7. Good look at important new features and changes.

Minor nitpick, I don't think the performance chart near the beginning of the slides was labeled well. Y-axis label of "time" didn't give very much information.

Nick at 13:09 on 22 Apr 2016

It was ok.

Marat at 13:42 on 22 Apr 2016

Very great talk, a lot of interesting information and a very good discussion in the chat.

Shawn Rhoney at 13:52 on 22 Apr 2016

Well presented topic. I'm eager to use PHP7 in future projects.

This presentation was more like version comparison.